28.03.17 DICE Policy Brief

Ab sofort steht Ihnen die 10. Auflage des DICE Policy Briefes zum Download zur Verfügung.

08.03.17 DICE Research Seminar

Please find the dates for the summerterm 2017 online.

03.02.17 Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum elected as chairman

In October 2016 Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum was elected as chairman of the committee of regional science of the Verein für Socialpolitik (German Economic Association).

02.02.17 DICE Research Seminar

07.02.2017 - Veronika Grimm (Erlangen-Nürnberg):

Transmission and Generation Investment in Liberalized Electricity Markets: A Computational Equilibrium Approach

27.01.17 DICE Researchseminar

31.01.2017 - Heiner Schumacher (KU Leuven): You are fired! Employees’ Response to Work Norm Violations

18.01.17 DICE Researchseminar

24.01.2017 - Nora Szech (Karlsruhe): Pleasures of Skill and Moral Conduct

12.01.17 DICE Researchseminar

17.01.2017 - Stefan Bühler (St. Gallen): Payment evasion

05.01.17 DICE Researchseminar

10.01.2017 - Mathieu Parenti (UL Brussels): Providing services to boost goods exports: theory and evidence.

05.01.17 Guest Lecture on the Economic Impacts of Brexit

19.01.2017 – Jürgen Matthes (Cologne Institute for Economic Research): The

impacts of Brexit on the United Kingdom and Germany

14.12.16 DICE Researchseminar

20.12.2016 - Philipp Strack (UC Berkeley): Learning (nothing) from the Choices of of others – failure of information aggregation in repeatedly interacting large groups.

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