02.12.16 DICE Research Seminar

06.12.2016 - Ed Hopkins (Edinburgh) - Higher Education as a Signal of Non-Cognitive Skills: Self-Control Preferences in a High Temptation Environment

24.11.16 DICE Research Seminar

29.11.2016 - Filip Matejka (CERGE-EI Prague) - Electoral Competition with Rationally Inattentive Voters

17.11.16 DICE Research Seminar

22.11.2016 - Maarten Pieter Schinkel (Amsterdam) - Balancing the Public Interest-Defense in Cartel Offenses

11.11.16 DICE Newsletter

The newsletter 2/2016 is now available on the DICE servie page.

10.11.16 DICE Research Seminar

15.11.2016 - Armin Falk (Bonn) - The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence

03.11.16 DICE Research Seminar

09.11.2016 - Klaus Schmidt (LMU) - Procurement with Unforeseen Contingencies

20.10.16 DICE Research Seminar

25.10.2016 - Sebastian Ebert (Tilburg) - Decision Making When Things Are Only a Matter of Time

12.10.16 DICE Research Seminar

18.10.2016 - Celine Bonnet (Toulouse) - The Welfare Effects of Brand Portfolio Strategies in the Soft Drink Industry: A Structural Bargaining Approach with Limited Data

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