Prof. Dr. Justus Haucap


Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE)
Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf
Universitaetsstr. 1
40225 Duesseldorf

Building: 24.31, Room: 01.13
Tel. +49211 - 811 5494
Fax +49211 - 811 5499


Educational Background


Habilitation, University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg


Doctorate, University of Saarland, Saarbrücken


Diplom Volkswirt, University of Saarland, Saarbrücken


since 08/2009

Direktor des Düsseldorfer Instituts für
Wettbewerbsökonomie (DICE)

since 07/2006

Member of the undefinedGerman Monopolies Commission
(Chairman 2008 - 2012)

since 07/2012

Member of Kronberger Kreis

since 06/2007

Chairman of Research Advisory Council
undefinedRheinisch-Westfälischen Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI) Essen

since 10/2005

Research Professor
undefinedDeutschen Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW) Berlin

Co- Editor of Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb, List Forum für Finanz- und Wirtschaftspolitik and Review of Economics

Representative Publications

  • Haucap, J., U. Heimeshoff & D. Jovanovic, "Competition in Germany's Minute Reserve Power Market: An Econometric Analysis", forthcoming in The Energy Journal.

  • Haucap, J. & A. Herr, "A Note on Social Drinking: In Vino Veritas", forthcoming in European Journal of Law and Economics.

  • Haucap, J., M. Karacuka & A. Nazif Çatık, "Consumer Choice and Local Network Effects in Mobile Telecommunications in Turkey", Telecommunications Policy 37, 2013, 334-344.

  • Haucap, J. & G. Klein, "How Regulation Affects Network and Service Quality in Related Markets", Economics Letters 117, 2012, 521-524.

  • Bühler, S. & J. Haucap, "Strategic Outsourcing Revisited", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 61, 2006, 325-338.

  • Haucap, J. & C. Wey, "Unionisation Structures and Innovation Incentives", The Economic Journal 114, 2004, C140-C165.

  • Haucap, J., C. Wey & J. Barmbold, "Location Costs, Product Quality and Implicit Franchise Contracts", Journal of International Economics 52, 2000, 69-87.
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