06.07.16 DICE Research Seminar

12.07.2016 - Gilles Duranton (Wharton / U Penn) - The Production Function for Housing: Evidence from France

29.06.16 DICE Research Seminar

05.07.2016 - Chiara Tomasi (Trento) - The Fickle Fringe and the Stable Core: Exporters’ Product Mix Across Markets

27.06.16 DICE Newsletter

The newsletter 1/2016 is now available on the DICE servie page.

22.06.16 DICE Forschungsseminar

28.06.2016 - Michelle Sovinsky (Mannheim) - Technology Adoption, Vertical Restraints and Partial Foreclosure: Changing the Structure of an Industry

15.06.16 DICE Forschungsseminar

21.06.2016 - Frank Verboven (KU Leuven) - Subsidies and Myopia in Technology Adoption: Evidence from Solar Photovoltaic Systems

08.06.16 DICE Research seminar

14.06.2016 - Holger Sieg (University of Pennsylvania) - Waiting for Affordable Housing in New York City

03.06.16 DICE Policy Brief

Ab sofort steht Ihnen die 7. Auflage des DICE Policy Briefes zum Download zur Verfügung!

03.06.16 DICE Researchseminar

08.06.2016 - Timothy Cason (Purdue University) - Individual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies in the Noisy Prisoner’s Dilemma.

03.06.16 DICE Researchseminar

07.06.2016 - Emanuele Tarantino (University of Mannheim) - Patent Pools in Vertically Related Markets.

27.05.16 DICE Researchseminar

31.05.2016 - Sander Onderstal (University of Amsterdam) -Does Relative Grading Help Male Students? Evidence from a Field Experiment in the Classroom

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