17.01.18 DICE Forschungsseminar

23.01.2018 - Marc-Andreas Muendler (UC San Diego)

Tasks, Occupations, and Wage Inequality in an Open Economy

11.01.18 DICE Forschungsseminar

17.01.2018 - Björn Bartling (Zurich)

The Limits to Moral Erosion in Markets: Social Norms and the Replacement Excuse

11.01.18 DICE Researchseminar

16.01.2018 - Geza Sapi (EU Commission)

Learning from user feedback data

03.01.18 DICE Researchseminar

09.01.2018 - Jan Potters (Tilburg)

Delegation with strategic complements and strategic substitutes

15.12.17 DICE Researchseminar

19.12.2017 - Daniel Schunk (Mainz)

Primary School Students Benefit from Working Memory Training in Class: A Randomized Field Experiment

07.12.17 DICE Researchseminar

12.12.2017 - Roberto Weber (Zürich)

Immoral labor markets

30.11.17 DICE Researchseminar

05.12.2017 - Bettina Rockenbach (Cologne)

Social Dilemmas in the Field

23.11.17 DICE Researchseminar

28.11.2017 - Gianmarco Ottaviano (LSE)

Geography, Competition, and Optimal Multilateral Trade Policy

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