Reinhard-Heynen- und-Emmi-Heynen-Preis

28.11.11 Award for Hans-Theo Normann and Gerd Rainer Wagner

The annual conferenceof the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf took place on Nov 11, 2011, and the traditional“Reinhard-Heynen- und Emmi-Heynen-Preis” was awarded. Thescientificaward, which is endowed with €12.500, was awarded to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Theo Normann, Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, and to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerd Rainer Wagner, chair for environmental economics at the Heinrich-Heine University.

The “Reinhard-Heynen- und Emmi-Heynen-Preis” is an award given toscientists for their outstanding work or services (including professors of the Heinrich-Heine University).


15.11.11 Award for DICE-scientist

The Düsseldorf scientist Dr. Annika Herr will be honored today by the Federal Statistical Office with the renowned Gerhard-Fürst Award. This award, which is worth €5,000, is given annually for an excellent doctoral thesis.

“I feel very honored by the award,” says Dr. Herr with regard to today`s award ceremony. “It`s a great incentive for my further research.” In her doctoral thesis she compares the efficiency of public and private hospitals: Hospitals, which are in government ownership, have been more cost effective than private ones, meanwhile the latter are ahead in matters concerning profit efficiency.

“We are very proud that a scientist of our institute has won the award,” says Justus Haupcap, doctoral supervisor and director of the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) at the Heinrich-Heine University (HHU). Dr. Herr heads a research project on competition in the pharmaceutical market.


28.10.11 Award of the Goethe-Buchhandlung

Dr. Torben Stühmeier was honored with the Goethe-Buchhandlung award for the best dissertation of the year at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

Neuer Studiengang

15.11.11 Master in Economics

With the beginning of the winter term 2011/2012 the biennial Master in Economics starts at the Heinrich-Heine University. Following the successful start of the bachelor program, the HHU offers an excellent all-round training for young economists.

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