US Reaserch Joint Ventures


Time period


Unit of observation

Firm level data. Unbalanced panel with on average 430 insider-year

observations (ranging from 130 in 1986 to 732 in 1999) and 5,435 outsider-year

observations (ranging from 4,102 in 1986 to 6,765 in 1999).


  • National Cooperation Research Act (NCRA) - Reaserch Joint Ventures (undefinedLink (1996) and undefinedVonortas (1997))
  • Compustat North America
  • NBER US Patent Citations Data File

The Data are partially proprietary


The data comes from merging two data sources: the NCRA-RJV database with information on RJVs and its participants under the NCRA (1985-1999), and the Compustat North America database containing firm-specific information on about 22,000 public US firms (1986-1999). For each firms, the dataset contains information on the market shares, RJV participation status, and other control variables (R&D expenditures, stock of patents, size, etc.)


Researchers involved

  • undefinedProf. Dr. Tomaso Duso
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