The faculty consists of internationally renowned researchers. Below is the faculty in alphabetical order.

Baumann, Florian

Law and Economics

Baye, Irina


Duso, Tomaso

Empirical Industrial Economics, Competition Policy

Haucap, Justus

Competition Policy, Regulatory Economics, Institutional Economics

Heimeshoff, Ulrich

Telecommunications, Empirical Regulatory Economics

Heiss, Florian

Statistics and Econometrics

Herr, Annika

Health Economics, Empirical Industrial Organisation

Hottenrott, Hanna

Economics of Innovation, Technological Change, Applied Econometrics

Klein, Gordon

Innovation Policy, Empirical Industrial Organisation

Kühn, Kai-Uwe

Competition Policy

Normann, Hans-Theo

Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Competition Policy

Rasch, Alexander

Auction and Game Theory, Experimental Economics


Experimental Economics

Schwens, Christian

Internationalization of Firms, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Entry, Strategic Alliances

Stiebale, Joel

Empirical Economics, International Trade

Südekum, Jens

International Trade

Wenzel, Tobias

Media Economics, Theoretical Industrial Economics

Wey, Christian

Regulatory Economics, Industrial Organisation

External faculty

The department regularly invites distinguished internationally known scholars to teach intensive courses in their field for our PhD students. In the past, we had the following external teachers in this series:

undefinedDirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven)


undefinedStephen Davies (undefinedCenter for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia)

Merger Policy

undefinedFrank Heinemann (Technical University Berlin)

Advanced Macroeconomics

undefinedRoman Inderst (Goethe Universität Frankfurt)

Regulation of Financial Markets

undefinedAndreas Stephan (Jönköping University)


undefinedElmar Wolfstetter (Humboldt University Berlin)

Auction Theory



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