13.07.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

18.07.2017 - Aleksei Parakhonyak (Oxford):

Optimal Sales Schemes for Network Goods

05.07.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

11.07.2017 - Davide Cantoni (LMU Munich):

Supply, Demand, and the Activation of Right-Wing Political Ideology

23.06.17 DICE Newsletter

Der Newsletter 1/2017 ist ab sofort auf der Serviceseite des DICE verfügbar.

23.06.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

28.06.2017 - Christopher Snyder (Dartmouth):

Worst-Case Bounds on R&D and Pricing Distortions: Theory and Disturbing Conclusions if Consumer Values Follow the World Income Distribution

23.06.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

27.06.2017 - Lukas Buchheim(LMU Munich):

The Employment Effects of Countercyclical Infrastructure Investments

14.06.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

20.06.2017 - Matthias Sutter (Köln):

What determines children's economic preferences? Evidence from a large-scale experiment

09.06.17 Vertical Workshop

19.06.2017 - 20.06.2017:

Workshop on "Competition and Bargaining in Vertical Chains"

08.06.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

13.06.2017 - Davin Chor (Singapore):

Just Do Your Job: Obedience, Routine Tasks, and the Pattern of Specialization

31.05.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

06.06.2017 - Daniel Bernhofen (Washington):

David Ricardo’s 1817 comparative advantage formulation at 200: a brief history and new insights

24.05.17 DICE Forschungsseminar

30.05.2017 - Thomas Dohmen (Bonn):

Patience, Accumulation and Comparative Development

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