Welcome to the DICE Lab for Experimental Economics!

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Our experimental laboratory was designed for conducting economic experiments. In 2010, the corresponding funds were granted to Prof. Hans-Theo Normann. In 2011 the laboratory was completed and put into operation. Since then many experiments in the field of behavioural economics, industrial economics or health economics have been conducted.

©HHU/Ivo Mayr

There are 36 cubicles equipped with Microsoft Windows PCs where economic experiments can be conducted. Thanks to the dividers, the participants can make their decision without any disturbance. The experiments deal with simple economic decisions the participants make using the PC in their cubicle.

Anybody participating in our experiments is generally financially compensated for his participation.

To participate in our experiments you have to undefinedregister at our database. Only registered users will receive invitations to new experiments.

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The DICE Lab for Experimental Economics is located on the campus of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.

You will find it in:

Building: 25.43
Floor: O2
Room: 22


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