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Courses BW37/MW86 in the summer term 2021

Here you can find information about the elective module "Economics Seminar", BW37 in the Bachelor and MW86 in the Master. To pass the module, it is necessary to attend a total of two seminars. However, this can be done in different semesters. In the courses you will be asked to prepare a written paper and present it in a colloquium. The registration for the courses is done via the HIS-LSF. If you are taking the second seminar of the module, it is important that you register for the module via the student portal during the registration period. If you are only taking the first seminar, this is not necessary. After completing both seminars and successfully registering in the student portal, your two grades will be added together and an average will be calculated. The overall grade will be communicated to the examination office from our side.

The introductory session for module MW86 will take place on 13th April 2021 at 1 pm and can be accessed via this link.
As part of the modules BW37 (Bachelor) and MW86 (Master), the following courses will be offered in the summer semester 2021:

Lecturer Course Topic Description Opening PPE allowance
Prof. Dr. Joel Stiebale BW37 Fusionen und Übernahmen [here] tba  
Prof. Dr. Justus Haucap / Anja Rösner BW37 (incl. PPE) Digitale Ökonomie [here] 23.04.2021 15
Alisa Frey (u.a.) BW37 Spieltheorie und Strategische Entscheidungen in der Anwendung [here] tba  
Prof. Dr. Hans-Theo Normann BW37 (only PPE) Ökonomische Theorie und experimentelle Evidenz [here] tba 30
Prof. Dr. Alexander Rasch BW37 (only PPE) Ausgewählte Aspekte zu Vertrauensgütermärkten [here] tba 10
Prof. Dr. Justus Haucap BW37 (only PPE) Ökonomie von illegalen Dingen tba tba 10
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heimeshoff BW37 (only PPE) Theorie und Praxis der Wirtschaftssysteme tba tba 30
Prof. Dr. Andreas Lichter BW37 (only PPE) Tax Evasion in Western Societies: Social Norms, Consequences, and Government Responses [here] 16.04.2021 15
Prof. Dr. Katharina Erhardt BW37 (incl. PPE) Globalisierung – Kritik, Verteidigung und Herausforderungen [here] 16.04.2021 10
Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum / Dennis Gottschlich BW37 (incl. PPE) Aktuelle Themen der Wirtschaftspolitik vor, während und nach der Corona-Pandemie [here] 04.05.2021 10

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Biliana Yontcheva

BW37 Consumer Information and Firm Strategic Behavior [here]


Dr. Apoorva Gupta MW86 Economics of Innovation and Growth [here] tba  
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Neyer / Daniel Stempel MW86 Business Cycle Theory [here] tba  
Dr. Tomasz Sulka MW86 Household Finance [here] tba  
Prof. Dr. Hans-Theo Normann MW86 Zur Theorie der Gesellschaftsspiele [here] tba  
Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum / Dennis Gottschlich MW86 Economic Drivers and Consequences of Mental Illnesses [here] 05.05.2021  
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Biliana Yontcheva MW86 Regulation of Market Entry:Theory and Applications [here] 15.04.2021  
Prof. Dr. Katharina Erhardt MW86 Economics Policy Evaluation in General Equilibrium [here] 23.04.2021  
Simon Schulten, David Zeimentz, Dennis Gottschlich MW86 Overconfidence of Managers - a Behavioral Economics Perspective [here] 04.05.2021  
Prof. Joel Stiebale MW86 Topics in Industrial and Labour Economics: Market Power and Monopsony Power [here] tba  
Dr. Axel Kallmayer MW86 Sicherung fairen Wettbewerbs auf Digitalmärkten – Das neue deutsche Kartellrecht und die EU-Regulierung digitaler Märkte tba tba  
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