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Two Nominees for the Antitrust Writing Award 2022

With two nominations, DICE researchers are finalists for the Antitrust Writing Award 2022. Justus Haucap and Christina Heldmann have been nominated (together with Holger Rau (Uni Göttingen)) for their article "Gender and Collusion". Also in the final round is the paper "The Effects of private Damage Claims on Cartel Activity: Experimental Evidence" by Hans-Theo Normann, Melinda Fremerey, Olivia Bodnar (DICE Consult) and Jannika Schad (Uni Siegen).

The Antitrust Writing Award honors the best antitrust writings published in the past year, with the goal of advancing competition scholarship and contributing to the promotion of competition. The jury is composed of leading antitrust experts, academics and lawyers. Voting will run until March 25, 2022.


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