The US Rail Freight Industry


Time period


Unit of observation

Class 1 railroad firms in the US


The Data are partially
The sample includes all Class 1 railroad firms that operated in the US from 1980-2006. For each firm, the dataset contains information on volume and types of freight provided, prices, revenues, cost, the characteristics of the network (size, investment, system map), and market shares.
Publications/Working Papers
  • "Demand Estimation with Selection Bias: A Dynamic Game Approach with an Application to the US Railroad Industry", Daniel Coublucq, May 2012
  • "The Static-Dynamic Efficiency Trade-off in the US Rail Freight Industry: Assessment of an Open Access Policy", Daniel Coublucq, July 2012
  • "An Econometric Analysis of Productivity in the US Railroad Industry, 1980-2006", Daniel Coublucq, July 2012
Researchers involved
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