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DEaL goes digital! 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we decided to switch DEaL to an online format via Zoom/WebEx. All information and invitations will be sent via the mailing list.

Düsseldorf Economics and Law (DEaL)

What is DEaL? DEaL stands for Düsseldorf Economics and Law. DEaL is a forum for exchange between researchers in law and economics. We meet once a month and discuss topics that are relevant for both disciplines.

Who? We are young scientists who conduct research at HHU on competition issues in the field of law and economics.

Why? Lawyers and economists often do research on the same topics. Research in one discipline can hardly do without research in the other. Economists need information on the legal framework. Lawyers need to recognize the economic effects of laws and regulations. With our forum, we want to enable a direct exchange between both disciplines.

How? Each meeting we listen to and discuss lectures from a legal and an economic point of view. In addition, our meetings offer the opportunity to ask simple questions to experts in the respective field.

Who can participate? All researchers in law and economics who are interested in this kind of exchange are always welcome. We coordinate our group with a mailing list. If you would like to be included, please register here:

When? Our meetings usually take place once a month. The exact dates of our meetings will be posted online on this page and announced via our mailing list.

We highly welcome every new face to our seminar!

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