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DICE Research Seminar

The latest findings in competition theory and policies as well as in theoretical, empirical, and experimental economic research are presented and discussed with invited guests.

The seminar takes place:

Tuesdays, from 2:15-3:30 pm (new time!), depending on the date seminar room 3/4, Oeconomicum or digitally via Webex

Interested audience members are warmly welcome.

Dates Winter Term 2023/24

10.10.2023 Helena Perrone (University of Mannheim)*
17.10.2023 Sarah Cohodes (University of Michigan)
24.10.2023 Aniko Oery (Carnegie Mellon University)*
31.10.2023 Kerem Cosar (University of Virginia)
07.11.2023 Monika Mrázová (University of Geneva)
14.11.2023 Catarina Marvão (TU Dublin)
21.11.2023 Christian Thoeni (University of Lausanne)*
28.11.2023 Ariell Reshef (Paris School of Economics)
05.12.2023 Giuseppe Sorrenti (University of Amsterdam)
12.12.2023 Alexei Parakhonyak (University of Oxford)*
19.12.2023 Hanna Hottenrott (TU Munich)
09.01.2024 Christian Seel (University of Maastricht)
16.01.2024 Marina Schröder (University of Hannover)
23.01.2024 Holger Herz (University of Fribourg)
30.01.2024 Svenja Hippel (University of Boon)

*This talk is within the context of the research group ‚Consumer Preferences, Consumer Mistakes, and Firms’ Response‘.

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