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HHU Future Group: Competition and Sustainability

HHU Future Group: Competition and Sustainability

Short Description of the Project

Market economy and climate protection, how does that fit together? This is the core question of the project "Sustainability and Competition" of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics. According to the widespread conviction of the "logic of the markets", the pursuit of sustainability goals is only rewarded by itself in exceptional cases. This results in a tension between the central organisational principle of the social market economy - competition - and sustainability goals. Nevertheless, there are numerous examples of success for the interlocking of competition and sustainability.

The inter-faculty project "Sustainability and Competition", which is funded by the Heinrich Heine University within the framework of the HHU Future Group, aims to gain insights into how economic competition on the one hand and sustainability goals on the other hand can be combined. It also aims to explore how the interplay of law and market mechanisms can improve the implementation of such goals.



Prof. Dr. Justus Haucap (Director DICE/ Project Leader Economic Faculty)

Prof. Dr. Rupprecht Podszun (Holder of the Chair of Civil, German and European Competition Law/ Project Manager Law Faculty)

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hahn (Chair of Sustainability Management)

Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning (Chair of Business Administration/ Marketing)

Prof. Dr. Christian Kersting (Chair of Civil Law as well as German and International Corporate, Commercial and Competition Law)

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof (Chair of Public Law)

Prof. Dr. Hans-Theo Normann (Professor of Game Theory and Experimental Economic Research)

Jun.- Prof. Dr. Jannik Otto (Junior Professor of Business Law)

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Biliana Yontcheva (Assistant Professor of Economics, esp. Industrial Organization and Competition Policy)

Anja Rösner (Doctoral Researcher)

Tristan Rohner (Research Associate)


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