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Why Economics in Düsseldorf?

Why Economics in Dusseldorf?

With the founding of the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE), a unique academic centre in Germany has been established at Heinrich Heine University (HHU) for research into the effects of competition and questions of market regulation. With approximately 300 new enrolments per semester, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers clear structures and thus ideal teaching conditions for students. A total of 13 professors, 16 post-docs and junior professors teach and research at DICE.

Practical approach and a wide range of courses...

The teaching is characterised by a varied range of courses and a high degree of practical relevance. DICE researchers are sought-after contacts for politicians and the media and incorporate their first-hand practical experience into teaching.


As simple as possible, as complex as necessary

Economy is dry? Not at all. Anyone studying economics in Düsseldorf always keeps an eye on the big picture - and has a voice when it comes to the important issues in politics and business. Because there is hardly any area of social life that has nothing to do with economics.

  • What power do Google, Facebook and Amazon have?
  • What damage do cartels cause?
  • How can healthcare remain affordable?
  • Will robots soon be taking our jobs away?
  • How can climate protection be made affordable?
  • What consequences does brexite have for the German economy?
  • What determines the inflation rate in the EU?

To understand the rules and mechanisms by which our economy functions, economists are developing small model worlds. In most cases, a few equations suffice and we can then examine a part of the economic cycle. But models are simplifications - so do the predictions correspond to reality? To answer this question, we collect data and evaluate them statistically.

Or we experiment and observe whether people actually behave as our models assume. We also keep an eye on the politicians and tell them what they should do better. To do this, we also use findings from neighbouring fields of research, such as political science, psychology or sociology.

Modern equipment in a unique ambience

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is located in what is probably the most remarkable building on campus, the Oeconimicum. Modernly designed seminar rooms, as well as the up-to-date technical equipment support the science and make teaching possible with the use of modern digital technology.

The basic economic models and methods are taught in close cooperation with the professors. Independently conducted projects are used to work out and discuss the big and small questions of economics. The courses at DICE are more than just lectures: Important questions of economics are discussed together - in the sense of a teaching and learning community.

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