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"Reinhard-Heynen and Emmi-Heynen Prize" for Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch

DICE/ Ivo Mayr

The "Gesellschaft von Freunden und Förderern der HHU Düsseldorf" (GFFU) has honoured Prof. Dr. Hannah-Schildberg-Hörisch with the "Reinhard-Heynen-und Emmi-Heynen-Preis" for outstanding work or achievements by academics. Schildberg-Hörisch is a professor of economics at the DICE, in particular behavioural economics and empirical economic research, and her research focuses on the origin and change of individual preferences from an economic perspective.

The "Reinhard-Heynen and Emmi-Heynen Prize" is funded with 12,500 euros and is awarded annually by the GFFU, alternating between the faculties. The GFFU Board of Directors decides on the award, based on the proposal of the Rectorate, to an examination committee of the respective faculty, which sifts through the potential candidates.



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