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Location-based Advertising and Consumer Data

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, location-based advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising in many countries. In the USA alone, expenditure on this form of advertising is expected to more than double from its current level of 16 billion US dollars over the next five years. A study was conducted to examine which competitive effects this could have.

by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Irina Baye

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The Effect of Private Damage Claims on Cartel Activity

With the 9th amendment to the Act Against Restraints of Competition (ARC), the private enforcement of claims for damages in cartel law was further strengthened. Since leniency witnesses increasingly have to fear compensation payments, private claims for damages and the leniency programme are in a tense relationship. Within the framework of a controlled laboratory experiment, a study by DICE is investigating this problem.

by Melinda Fremerey

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Restrictions for Mergers

Product divestments to competitors are targeted obligations that allow competition authorities to tailor critical mergers and minimise negative effects on consumers. But how effective are these obligations?

by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Andre Romahn

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Larger Companies Pay Higher Wages and Globalization Helps Us to Understand Why

Economics does not know any laws of nature, but empirical findings, which in their clarity and stability come quite close to an unalterable truth. Recent studies in the field of empirical foreign trade research examine the wage and employment effects of globalization for the total number of all firms in an economy and thus provide important indications for a targeted further development of labour market and foreign trade theory.

by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jens Wrona

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