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Admission requires a master degree, preferably in economics, business administration, mathematics, statistics, or physics. There are no formal criteria on who will be admitted but the admission is highly competitive. Evidence of creativity and commitment to research will be taken into consideration.

Currently no open positions. The next intake will be in October 2025.

The following information is required for an application:

Application Form (please download and fill in the online-form)

This entails your personal data, a short curiculum vitae, as well as short statements explaining your current goals, career plans, reasons for being interested in the PhD program in Economics, as well as discuss your study plans and your fields of interest. Your statements should be in English and not exceed the provided space.

Certificates and transcripts of grades

A transcript from each college or university is required. The degree certificate is not sufficient. The transcript should show courses, grades and degrees received, mentioning rank or distinction if applicable. A translation is required for any transcript in a language other than English or German. At this stage of the application process it is not necessary to notarize or apostil the translations. If you are accepted we need notarized translations. An apostille is not necessary. If you have not yet finished your current degree, please attach a preliminary grade report (again in English or German).

Letters of recommendation (please download and fill out the online-form)

Two letters of recommendation are required from faculty who are able to assess your academic ability and potential.

Please send your application files to: dgse@uni-duesseldorf.de.